An Unearthly Child
Episode / January 25, 2016

Aired 23 November – 14 December 1963 Needing to set the stage, introduce the characters and allow their personalities to begin to show, and start shedding light on where the programme will go in the future, the first episode of any series is- by necessity- burdened with a degree of prologue, information, and initial intrigue. Reviewing ‘An Unearthly Child’ (which this four-story arc will be called despite the total difference of the last three episodes from the first) can be done in one of two ways, either taken in context as just the serial itself or taken as the foundation for what would become the longest-running science fiction series in history. The former approach will be taken, and ‘An Unearthly Child’ sets up the adventures of the Doctor and his companions wonderfully. The first of the four stories is set in 1963 London, the present day at the time of original broadcast. Very quickly we are introduced to Susan Foreman in class at Coal Hill School, and the mystery surrounding her quickly sets the events of the serial and series in motion. Two of her chummy teachers, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, label her as something of an outsider with…

The Diary of River Song
Audio / January 25, 2016

Big Finish’s recent foray into the worlds of ‘New Who’ continues with an exploration of one of the most central and yet also still one of the most enigmatic characters- River Song. Since her debut/finale in 2008’s ‘Silence in the Library’/’Forest of the Dead,’ River has flitted onto and off of our screens, becoming most prevalent alongside Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor but bleeding through into the adjoining regenerations as well. Stealing nearly every scene she has been in with her knowledge, wit, charm, and cheek, and hinting at so many untelevised adventures along the way, Big Finish now gives us a chance to better get to know River and to see some of those adventures when not in the presence of the Doctor. The first story in this four-part box set, ‘The Boundless Sea’ carries with it the necessity of setting up the overreaching story arc, and for the most part it succeeds wonderfully. One of the aspects we so rarely get to see on screen is the fact that River Song is an archaeologist, and so it is only fitting that the introductory story would focus on that chosen vocation. With as much charismas as Alex Kingston brings to…

Brand new Doctor Who review site
Website / January 25, 2016

Doctor Who Reviews is a brand new site designed to provide you with the most in-depth reviews of Doctor Who audio adventures and television episodes from a self-proclaimed Doctor Who fanatic.  Thank you for visiting and I hope you will find my reviews helpful and insightful.