UNIT: Dominion
Website / May 27, 2016

Released October 2012 UNIT: Dominion is an ambitious and epic four-part box set that brings together several loose threads and mysteries in the Doctor Who universe in a very satisfying manner. With the return of Elizabeth Klein and of the televised companion that never was in Raine Creevy, UNIT and its human soldiers, alien invasions and interdimensional threats, and an unknown future incarnation of the Doctor, Dominion throws everything at its listeners with unabashed glee, creating an intense and thrilling experience along the way. The first part does quite well in setting the initial scene. The Seventh Doctor and Raine, following a distress call through the dimensional divide, land on the Tolean homeworld, desiccated by an ancient Gallifreyan device called a Node. It is here that the Doctor meets his future incarnation who warns him not to help the Tolians, and it is back on Earth that UNIT’s scientific adviser Klein is offered assistance by this same unknown Doctor when she discovers another Node herself. Naturally, the Seventh Doctor succumbs to his hubris and ignore his future self, using the Node to open a path to another dimension from which he can transfer energy back to the Tolean homeworld to…

Silence in the Library
Website / May 26, 2016

Aired 31 May 2008 Steven Moffat returns to two-part scripting duties for the first time since the revived Doctor Who‘s first series’s ‘The Empty Child’ and the ‘The Doctor Dances.’ After those sterling first episodes that featured memorable monsters and catchphrases as well as the introduction of Captain Jack Harkness, Moffat followed with the equally brilliant ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ and ‘Blink.’ ‘Silence in the Library’ is the opening act of the new Moffat-penned script, and though there are still plenty of brilliant concepts and a lot of potential for a classic story in the making, the end result doesn’t completely capture the imagination quite as successfully as his previous stories did, partly because of the weight of expectations his own name now carries. Every writer has favourite plot devices at the ready, and Moffat offers spins on ingenious concepts he has already used to fuel this story. Thus, what seems to be malfunctioning machinery that was designed to help, scares elicited from an everyday object such as shadows, and even a relationship apparently happening out of time as River Song clearly knows more about the Doctor than she is letting on, all owe credit to similar devices in…

Brand new Doctor Who review site
Website / January 25, 2016

Doctor Who Reviews is a brand new site designed to provide you with the most in-depth reviews of Doctor Who audio adventures and television episodes from a self-proclaimed Doctor Who fanatic.  Thank you for visiting and I hope you will find my reviews helpful and insightful.