The Empty Child

Episode ‐ July 04, 2016

Aired 21 May 2005

The new series of Doctor Who has only lightly connected with the classic series so far, not wanting to risk alienating viewers with too much continuity right off the bat. Rather than delving too much into the history of the Time Lord, this first series seems content to simply show the breadth and scope that the format of the programme offers while keeping it grounded …

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Assassin in the Limelight

Audio ‐ July 03, 2016

Released May 2008

It’s Good Friday in Washington, D.C., in 1865, and conflicting sentiments about the recently-concluded Civil War still run rampant. Against that backdrop, Oscar Wilde is attempt to gain backers for his new play, The Importance of Begin Earnest. With the current run of American Cousin garnering such positive press for Ford’s Theater, President Abraham Lincoln himself has decided to take in the show personally. Yet as …

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The Haunting of Thomas Brewster

Audio ‐ July 03, 2016

Released April 2008

Big Finish has done well in introducing both recurring characters and companions, and Thomas Brewster- an orphan whose mother drowned- is the latest to join that list. He holds quite an interesting past, educated by the church but then becoming a small-time criminal in a group that routinely scours the Thames for anything valuable. Yet the continued appearance of a blue police box as well as …

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The Dark Husband

Audio ‐ June 30, 2016

Released March 2008

Consenting to Hex’s request for a holiday, the Seventh Doctor agrees to take his companions to The Festival of the Twin Moons of Tuin. Unbeknownst to the companions initially, though, is that Tuin is caught in the middle of a millenium-old war between the Ri and the Ir, the only momentary peace existing during the Festival. Yet while Ace and Hex try to make the best …

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Father’s Day

Episode ‐ June 28, 2016

Aired 14 May 2005

While Doctor Who has always been known for its ingenious concepts and stories, rarely has the programme purposefully tried to bring emotions to the forefront. There are, of course, some exceptions, but Doctor Who has usually been about the stories first with the characters’ emotions and motivations second. That changes with ‘Father’s Day,’ though, a story in which the typical script is flipped and the …

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The Condemned

Audio ‐ June 27, 2016

Released February 2008

‘The Condemned’ represents the beginning of a big risk for Big Finish, albeit one full of potential and intrigue. After her attempt to stop the Cybermen left her marooned in the distant future, Charlotte Pollard never gave up hope that someone would rescue her. Believing that her Eighth Doctor had answer that beckon when the familiar TARDIS arrived, she was surprised to instead find an unfamiliar …

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The Long Game

Episode ‐ June 24, 2016

Aired 7 May 2005

‘The Long Game’ is not the best episode of this series of Doctor Who so far, but it unequivocally the most ambitious, trying to juggle an incredible number of storylines while proving once and for all that the programme can remain loyal to the past while still remaining socially relevant in the present.

There is a lot to commend in ‘The Longest Game,’ and even if …

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The Bride of Peladon

Audio ‐ June 23, 2016

Released January 2008

Big Finish delves into the depths of Doctor Who by offering a return journey to the planet of Peladon, a planet not visited since the Third Doctor era on television. This story will best be remembered for departure of Erimem from the TARDIS, but ‘The Bride of Peladon’ is a very rich story on its own merits, full of intriguing characters and celebrating the vibrant history …

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Episode ‐ June 22, 2016

Aired 30 April 2005

The Daleks are an institution, a phenomenon that managed to transcend Doctor Who itself during the early years of the programme and that have remained firmly int the popular consciousness ever since. With the aptly-titled ‘Dalek,’ the Doctor’s most iconic foe makes the leap to the modern series to once more wreak havoc and to instill fear into a whole new generation of fans as …

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The Girl Who Never Was

Audio ‐ June 21, 2016

Released December 2007

Every story must come to and end, and ‘The Girl Who Never Was’ is the end to Charlotte Pollard’s travels with the Eighth Doctor. The Eighth Doctor is in a time of transition at Big Finish and, after just experiencing the loss of C’rizz in the ambitious but flawed ‘Absolution,’ Charley demands to leave in ‘The Girl Who Never Was,’ receiving a great sendoff for a …

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