The Rapture

Audio ‐ March 22, 2016

Released September 2002

Joseph Lidster sets his debut Doctor Who story in the unlikeliest of settings as the Seventh Doctor and Ace land on the island paradise of Ibiza where angels have arrived to save the sinners through the power of music at their dance club The Rapture. Given how crucial the club setting and music is to the progression of events, it’s a testament to Jim Mortimore and …

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A Good Man Goes to War

Episode ‐ March 22, 2016

Aired 4 June 2011

Considering the fairly intricate and twisting plots Steven Moffat has presented in many of the episodes he has penned, ‘A Good Man Goes to War’ surprisingly offers a more straightforward tale as Doctor Who concludes the first half of this series. Still, there is an epic blockbuster feel to proceedings and a heavier dose of action than recent episodes have featured, and events easily weave …

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Audio ‐ March 22, 2016

Released August 2002

‘…ish’ is an intriguing release for Big Finish, reuniting Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant as the Sixth Doctor and Peri for the first time since ‘Whispers of Terror.’ Like in that story, the Doctor is drawn into a murder mystery of sorts in which sound or language itself is sentient in a sense and crucial to the plot; however, new writer Phil Pascoe twists the central …

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The Almost People

Episode ‐ March 21, 2016

Aired 28 May 2011

‘The Almost People’ picks up events immediately where ‘The Rebel Flesh’ ended, and in continuing its story completes easily the most traditional of Doctor Who tales in a very long time. This is no strike against the episode, though, as it remains thoroughly entertaining up to and through its shocking epilogue. The sense of confusion due to the doubles that pervaded the atmosphere last time …

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The Rebel Flesh

Episode ‐ March 21, 2016

Aired 21 May 2011

Following two wildly different standalone episodes, Doctor Who returns to a more traditional tale with ‘The Rebel Flesh,’ the opening installment of a two-part story. With the pacing slowed down, writer Matthew Graham allows for a deep exploration of the characters and their choices in a near-future situation.

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory land in a twenty-second century monastery that is being used as a factory. …

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Spare Parts

Audio ‐ March 21, 2016

Released July 2002

‘Spare Parts’ may just be the best Cyberman story released in any medium. Too often the Cybermen are merely portrayed as emotionless robots, largely ignoring the humanity and emotion underlying their very existence and, as such, lessening their potential impact. By setting this story on Mondas at the very creation of the Cyberman race, the scope of these issues is unabashedly at the forefront of proceedings, …

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The Doctor’s Wife

Episode ‐ March 21, 2016

Aired 14 May 2011

After the enjoyable but relative misfire of ‘The Curse of the Black Spot,’ Doctor Who returns to form with another standalone episode that proves just how spectacular a single episode can be without tying into the underlying plot threads. ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ is an emotional masterpiece, easily accessible to casual viewers while offering a much deeper and more rewarding experience for long-time fans as well.

Writer …

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The Curse of the Black Spot

Episode ‐ March 20, 2016

Aired 7 May 2011

Following the intriguing cliffhanger showing the young girl regenerating at the end of ‘Day of the Moon,’ Doctor Who takes events in a different direction entirely, electing to save that resolution until another time. What is presented here in ‘The Curse of the Black Spot’ is very much a standalone tale, bringing pirates into the fray for one of the surprisingly few times in the …

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Audio ‐ March 20, 2016

Released June 2002

Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor’s second Big Finish season comes to a close with ‘Neverland,’ finally dealing head-on with the ramifications of Charley’s surviving the R101 crash in ‘Storm Warning’ thanks to the Doctor’s intervention. From the outset with Vansell reporting to Romana that they are close to snaring the Doctor, there’s a sense of the epic to proceedings, and the stakes are soon revealed to be …

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Day of the Moon

Episode ‐ March 18, 2016

Aired 30 April 2011

‘Day of the Moon’ serves as a fantastic conclusion to the events set up in ‘The Impossible Astronaut,’ maintaining the pace and thrills throughout. However- as is increasingly the case with Doctor Who– despite the utterly excellent series of events that filled the running time, it’s the ending that will garner the most attention and discussion. The young girl undergoing an apparent regeneration opens up …

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