Escaping the Future

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Escaping the Future

Released October 2010

The galaxy has been systematically torn apart by merciless aggressors from the future, the superior technology of the Deindum destroying the coalition of worlds Braxiatel created and only isolated pockets of resistance still active. With Bernice and Peter furtively traveling through time to find where the Deindum have come from and how they can take the fight back to them, Bev is running the Collection as a refugee camp, Adrian and Doggles try to mount limited attacks from the Moon, and Hass struggles to survive on the occupied world of Maximediras as Eddie Robson continues the epic events set in motion in ‘Resurrecting the Past’ with ‘Escaping the Future.’

Despite Bernice rather less than confidently assuring Peter that everything will be okay, nothing highlights just how grim the situation truly is as Braxiatel glibly admitting defeat and proclaiming that all hope is lost, a stark contrast to the confident and conniving calmness he normally exudes. Truly, this is amongst Miles Richardson’s greatest performances as the enigmatic Time Lord as Braxiatel is forced to work with Bernice and her companions while squarely being held to account for his actions. He is fully cognizant of the fact that Bernice would have left him to the Deindum if she didn’t need him and that she will never forgive his actions even if she understands his rationale, but to his credit he does not shy away from the responsibilities entrusted to him while he begins to learn how to care for others once more.

Opening with Bernice traveling to the future and finding the galaxy devastated with humanity eradicated by the Deindum instead of the Deindum’s demise as she had hoped, ‘Escaping the Future’ creates an immense sense of ominous foreboding with a threat that is quickly proven to be completely competent and credible. These beings seemingly hold the advantage given that they know every move their foes are going to make and are even able to use Braxiatel’s mechanoids to demolish the base from which Adrian and doggles were working, but all roads Bernice follows seemingly lead back to the specific date that the past and future versions of the Deindum first met and their developmental trajectory was changed forever. Accordingly, she formulates the audacious plan to put this race at war with itself, hoping to convince the Deindum of the past that the evolved and powerful beings who came from the future and proclaimed their destiny are false idols by crafting a complex fake history and mythos without drawing the Deindum’s attentions to their actions. With Bev, Adrian, Doggles, and Bernice each using unique skills to make this plan come to fruition while Braxiatel moves the Collection and makes subtle changes to the timelines to ensure secrecy, this scheme intricately pays off years of characterisation and presents what could just be a resounding final action for many of these beloved figures.

Given the momentous intrigue and action on display, Robson wisely takes the time needed for Bernice to finally confront Braxiatel about everything he has put her through, and both Lisa Bowerman and Richardson excel in this emotion-packed sequence. The pure hatred and near enmity that have overtaken their onetime friendship in Bernice’s eyes are on full display, and Braxiatel finally admits that he did have Peter kill Jason both to scare Bernice about her son’s abilities and to rid himself of a threat that had discovered his alterations of time and that was poised to join the Deindum. He has since been hoping to influence Bernice to help influence the Deindum, and despite being the cause of so much pain and suffering through so many of his schemes, he does make the ultimate sacrifice to use the energy intended for the salvation of the Time Lords to instead save this universe and its future, earning the respect of Bernice once more in the process even with both of their lives likely the cost.

Though some of the crucial development regarding the resistance is lost for those who may not have read Present Danger that is set in the six months between the two audio halves, ‘Escaping the Future’ is a monumental and emotional undertaking that never conforms to expectations while intelligently making the most of all of its characters as they cleverly follow the only plan that has even a slim chance of success. With Bernice all too aware that she is taking on the role of Braxiatel that she so abhors as she meddles with time, this conclusion balances small and grand scales with ease and perfectly encapsulates the imagination and ambition of this ever-impressive range.

  • Release Date: 10/2010
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