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Friend has created the ultimate weapon that can target and eliminate anyone on command, and the world’s governments are lining up to bid in a consequential auction being performed strictly in secret in ‘Heistland’ by Tim Foley. With the exclusive cryptocurrency Deadcoin used exclusively for such shadowy governmental dealings the means of bidding and paying, Yvonne knows that Deadcoin must be taken down to have any chance at saving the world.

Although Torchwood as a team has been back together for a few episodes that have spanned the globe, ‘Heistland’ is the first in Among Us to highlight just how staggeringly competent and capable the organization remains under Yvonne’s stewardship. A daring heist with the all-seeing Friend watching and reacting is a brilliantly strong foundation for a story featuring a race against time, and Yvonne utilizes all information and abilities at her disposal as she looks to the very creation of Deadcoin for inspiration and deftly incorporates Orr’s unique morphic abilities to further her plan. Yvonne is a woman who has constantly shown that she can think several steps ahead of most everyone else, and her ability to feint and adapt on the fly has rarely been so evident. However, even when it seems as though all hope has been lost and that the power and sheer presence of Friend are simply too much to overcome, she proves that her manipulative abilities and cunning prowess truly know no bounds, playing overconfidence and the simplicity of human emotion off of each other to effectively amplify her own strength and allow her true plan to stealthily continue from afar. Tracy-Ann Oberman always gives a commanding and charismatic performance as Yvonne, and ‘Heistland’ firmly proves just how effectively she can lead and protect even when the odds are stacked firmly against her and humanity in general.

Just as effective as Yvonne’s command, however, is the inclusion of Rhys from Iceland as he becomes a partner of sorts for Kristin who had been trying for so long to get Gwen to join her in her fight against aliens. Rhys may not have the natural tendencies that made Gwen such a vital member of Torchwood, but his uniquely upbeat nature and willingness to get involved in any way possible as Kristin rather less than subtly guides his thoughts to certain areas and topics of interest is a brilliant means of developing the Deadcoin server plot. Kai Owen is magnificent in this role, and his chemistry with Eva Eklof in their scenes together is superb and represents a brilliant tying together of the Iceland setting that had previously been seen in ‘Misty Eyes’ with the true Torchwood team. The natural rivalry of sorts that exists between Yvonne and Krisitin is likewise wholly believable and well-developed, their needling of each other and certain insinuations providing immense momentum for both the characters and the plot while Yvonne remains furtively at the helm.

‘Heistland’ is Torchwood firing on all cylinders, confidently blending immense stakes, an engaging plot spanning international borders, wonderful characterization, and humour to expertly highlight how engaging this series can be with all of its leads and plot threads coming together. The only element that doesn’t quite have enough time to fully develop is Tyler’s difficulty accepting Chris’s death when Torchwood’s stated mandate has been to save people. His desire to leave Torchwood is perfectly understandable, and Jonny Green sells the emotional tumult wonderfully as Yvonne schemes her way back into his life with platitudes and promises, but there is clearly much more room for this particular storyline and for Tyler to develop than what is possible in the allotted time which makes the moment with Orr slightly more unexpected and jarring than might otherwise have been the case. Still, the Among Us finale could help to further expand upon Tyler’s current plight, and ‘Heistland’ as a whole is a shining example of these continuing Torchwood stories and the momentum that overarching narratives can create as Friend reaches its endgame and the apocalypse nears.

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